Based on a cancer survivor’s experiences with her own children, this insightful book Mommy has cancer and that’s okay, offers hope for any young family struggling with a new diagnosis. When the time comes to explain the illness of the child’s mother and explore the impact on the children’s lives, this book is a wonderful resource. Designed to be read aloud in the secure lap of a loved one, the cancer story of one little boy draws children in; bringing knowledge, understanding, acceptance and faith. Told in rhyme, children will seek the comfort of this honest, hopeful story again and again. Further, it serves as an adult educational tool, including a medical glossary to help in answering questions, relevant scripture verses and a tender prayer.

Yes, with good medicine and a good God, along with faith, hope and love we can conquer cancer. This author’s life is living proof!

The Book is finally here!

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About the Author

Virginia Steele

Virginia Steele

Virginia is an author, healthcare executive, wife, mother, friend and cancer patient. Her passion is serving cancer patients, meeting needs wherever they may be. She is dedicated to excellence in patient care having served numerous cancer organizations including the National Institute of Health, National Cancer Center, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She shares this book with the hope it will bring peace throughout a turbulent life chapter as it did for her own family 20 years ago. Today you will find Virginia happily working on new books, consulting in healthcare and enjoying her home and garden with her husband and children located in Collierville, Tennessee.

About the Illustrator

Chantel Barber

Chantel’s talent for art began at age twelve when she was mentored by local San Diego artists. She loves portraiture but prefers working in acrylic. So she taught herself acrylic portraiture and is now recognized globally for her unique style. She serves as the Tennessee State Ambassador for the Portrait Society of America, is a member of The Chestnut Group and the American Impressionist Society and her work has been published in Acrylic Artist and American Art Collector magazines. Her studio and gallery, Chantel’s Originals, is located in Bartlett, Tennessee where she resides with her husband and children. Chantel does commissioned portraits for private and public collections and teaches classes in acrylic techniques.

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